Actor. Activist. Entrepreneur.

Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Virginia, Sean has traveled in many parts of the world with his work and passion for people, places, and learning. A student of life and believer in the common good, Sean strives for balance and harmony in art and economics to help build global peace and prosperity.  In 2020 he founded the Golden Light Foundation, a non-profit, global 'Hedge Fund for Humanity'. 

Sean got his start in entertainment in 2006 when he landed a recurring background role on THE WIRE as a young cop and joined the Screen Actors Guild. Sean has been fortunate to work with Steven Spielberg, Meg Ryan, and Tom Hanks along with a host of extraordinary talent. In 2016, while working as a series stand-in on AMC's TURN: Washington's Spies, Sean was able to do the seemingly impossible and pitched himself as Alexander Hamilton to the show's creator, Craig Silverstein. In this endeavor,  Sean wasn't alone, pulling favors from the crew, he produced an entire scene during a  lunch break with a heavy assist by the show's director of photography, Marvin V. Rush, and actor Seth Numrich who co-wrote and co-starred in the scene.  After completing two seasons and 13 episodes as Col. Alexander Hamilton on TURN, Sean set his sights on Hollywood. Looking to lighten the mood with a modern Hamilton twist, he began penning BRITISH CALIFORNIA, a comedic spy drama set against the rich and famous backdrops of Los Angeles. Sean writes, produces, and stars in the feature set to film in 2024.